Make Great Highway a full-time oceanfront park, not a bypass around the Sunset

Save the Great Highway Park

Tell Mayor Breed and your district Supervisor that you want full-time family access to this beautiful park

Great Highway Park will be the city’s most accessible and beautiful park for all ages to enjoy nature, build community, and recreate.

  • Good for the Sunset. Events like the Great Hauntway (with over 4000 people) made clear that the community wants a space to be together.
  • Good for Business. People visiting our neighborhood’s new park means more money for our small business owners.
  • Good for Accessibility. The city’s only flat and wide paved path for all ages and abilities to enjoy our oceanfront.
  • Good for the Climate. Carbon-free commuting and recreating right at our entire neighborhood’s doorstep.
  • Good for Traffic. A part-time park creates dangerous driver and pedestrian confusion and prevents the city from investing in infrastructure to make Sunset traffic safer.

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[The Great Hauntway Halloween Celebration](//

"The Great Hauntway" Halloween Celebration. PC: Roan Kattouw

Great Highway Park Facts:

  • More than two million people used the Great Highway Park during its first 17 months; as many as 11,600 on a single day! Unlike car trips that speed by our coast in a couple minutes, each of these park users enjoy our coast for hours.
  • The current weekend “compromise” is temporary. If no action is taken, the Great Highway will return to 24/7 car use when San Francisco lifts its COVID-19 emergency order.
  • Our coast doesn’t have to be a highway! Tearing down the Embarcadero freeway was contentious at the time. If our coast were a park today, nobody would propose that we turn it into a freeway.
  • Outer Sunset traffic is safer with a Great Highway Park. Automobile crashes decreased 30% during the temporary full time Great Highway Park.
  • Sunset residents want a full time park! A SFTMA survey showed that 52% of Sunset respondents favored a full time park, with only 22% preferring a full time highway. Citywide support mirrored these numbers.
  • The Great Highway southern extension (Sloat to Skyline) is closing in 2023 due to coastal erosion, diverting traffic inland towards Sunset Ave - similar to a full time Great Highway Park!
  • The current dual use “compromise” falls short because it:
    • prevents the city from making changes to ensure Great Highway Park is safe and accessible, such as separating pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
    • prevents the city from making changes to make Sunset car traffic safer and more time-efficient, such as an improved intersection design at Lincoln and Great Highway Park.
    • limits park access for lower income and underrepresented San Franciscans who have to work on weekends.
  • The Great Highway doesn’t serve the Sunset; it bypasses our neighborhood, making it easier to skip over our amazing neighborhood businesses.
  • No street closures to cars are proposed north of Lincoln.

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Supervisor Mar’s support is all that stands in the way of a full time park. Use our tool below to tell him you want to keep the Great Walkway:

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[The Great Hauntway Halloween Celebration](//