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San Francisco needs help, now.

San Francisco is the home of the world's best innovation and incredible resources, so there's no reason it can't be more livable 🚴‍♂️, more sustainable ♻️, and more affordable 💸.

Grow SF is a community of residents who believe SF can be a world class city for everyone. We think it's ok for SF to grow! We need to stop saying ‘no’ to every change and build for the future.

Want to make a difference? Sign up to learn more about how the city is run, how to get involved, and most importantly, when and how to vote. You can make a difference.

Our Goals

We have simple, but effective goals

Educate on local issues
By being better informed, we can be better citizens of our incredible city and work together to drive positive change.
Share ways to get involved
Getting involved can be signing a petition, Zooming into a public meeting, emailing, tweeting, and more. It's simple.
Advocate for change through voting
Voting is the ultimate civic act, and it matters! Many major elections in SF have been decided by fewer than 500 votes.
Click to see our affiliated PAC's 2020 voter guide
Celebrate the beauty of San Francisco
San Francisco is wonderful and we should seek to invest in it and make it even better. SF isn’t a museum- it's an ever-changing city full of amazing people!

How the SF Board of Supes Works

In a major city like San Francisco, it’s easy to assume that the Mayor runs the show. But San Francisco’s eleven District Supervisors — the City’s legislative body — wield extensive power inside and outside of their immediate jurisdictions.

SF Leadership